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Nurturing Tranquility Salon & Spa


"It's all about YOU!"

What is Nurturing Tranquility About?

Nurturing Tranquility Salon & Spa

The mission of Nurturing Tranquility

Sometimes we can feel overwhelmed about ourselves and life.

Nurturing Tranquility is dedicated to assisting individuals as they find an outer look and an inner feel that is soothing to the mind, body, and soul.

Through the transitional experience, Nurturing Tranquility offers a relaxing, stress-free atmosphere where the five senses are enhanced by the natural sound of flowing water and calming music, the smell of essential oils, the taste of a relaxing beverage, the sight of the natural surroundings, and the feel of being nurtured.

My goal is for clients to feel their inner beauty and to see their external beauty, leading them to the fulfilled, happy and healthy journey everyone deserves.

Hello, my name is Kimberlee Henderson

I opened Nurturing Tranquility this past spring of 2009.

In January, I found myself yearning for a different direction in my career. I decided to open a salon and spa with a clean, healthy environment where one can come to feel pampered, nurtured, and relaxed. I wanted to create an atmosphere filled with positive energy for a fulfilling, uplifting experience. An environment without distractions. A safe haven with no judging. A place where everyone is treated with respect, courtesy, and honesty.

Here at Nurturing Tranquility, the goal is to make the feeling “It's all about you” the top priority.

At Nurturing Tranquility Salon & Spa, you will find a large variety of services to choose from.

You will receive full-rounded attention one-on-one with no distractions. The services performed in the spa room are done by candlelight with the scent of essential oils filling the room and the sound of tranquil music playing softly for complete relaxation and restoration of the mind, body, and soul.

I understand how hard it is to find the time to take care of oneself because of a hectic schedule. At this time in my life I have been blessed with the opportunity to offer a flexible schedule for your convenience.

Appointments are available from 7am to 9pm

Sunday through Saturday. (7 days)

Walk-ins aren't available due to Nurturing Tranquility’s goal in offering services without interruptions. I am unavailable to answer the phone while with a client, so if you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please leave a message and I will return your call as soon as possible.

Thank you.

How I came up with the name Nurturing Tranquility

When choosing a name for my fledgling business, my goal was to invoke that “aahhhh” feeling for clients when they heard or read the name of the salon & spa. I believe “Nurturing Tranquility” inspires just that feeling of quiet, calm, soothing care my clients can expect from the services here at the salon & spa.

I took my time deciding because it meant so much to me to give my clients that first warm experience, whether from reading an ad in the paper, visiting the website, or hearing about the salon & spa through word of mouth.

I started brainstorming all the words that would describe the experience one could expect at my salon as well as words that would explain my values, morals, goals, etc. The list was never-ending! I knew I had to trim the list and found that a lot of the words had similar definitions and intertwined meanings, and finally I settled on what I feel is the perfect name—Nurturing Tranquility.

I chose nurturing because we all need to stop and be nurtured from time to time. Often, we tend to nurture others and forget that we need nurturing and caring as well. It can be hard to stop and accept a nurturing experience for ourselves, but is well worth it when we do. We can become centered again by nurturing our mind, body and soul. When we take care of ourselves it enables us to take care of others better.

I also chose nurturing because I enjoy assisting others in growth & development. I want to share the knowledge I have with others so they can better care for themselves and feel better as a whole through inner beauty as well as external beauty.


  • To supply with nourishment, feed {the soul}
  • To nourish, cherish
  • Foster a secret hope {of maybe finding oneself, discovering something new about oneself, endless possibilities}
  • To educate, train {to assist others learn to take better care of themselves through education}
  • Further the development of; foster
  • To help grow & develop; promote the growth & development
  • To inspire with confidence; give hope & courage to
  • To take care of {assist them in relaxing}

I chose tranquility because it so completely defines what “Nurturing Tranquility” is all about—a tranquil, pampered YOU!

Nurturing Tranquility is a place where you can come and find that place within to calm the mind, body and soul.

Even a simple haircut (just getting those old split ends off), is a way to do something nice for yourself and a way to make you feel less frazzled and more in charge of your life.

If you want to feel more adventurous, why not try a fun color change? Need some stress relief? Time to stop for a body treatment surrounded in candlelight, the scent of essential oils, and the sound of tranquil music. For hair removal, a body treatment, a facial for softer, glowing skin—whatever it may be that makes you feel serene, free, and satisfied—Nurturing Tranquility offers a calm, soothing space where you can escape and recharge for an hour or two in the midst of your busy life. 


  • A disposition free from stress or emotion
  • An untroubled state; free from disturbances
  • A state of peace and quiet
  • Serenity
    • The absence of mental stress or anxiety
  • Placidity
    • Undisturbed
    • Calm & quiet
    • Satisfied
    • A disposition free from stress & emotion
  • Quiet
    • Calm
    • Free from turmoil & agitation
    • Untroubled
    • Restful
    • Soothing
    • Tranquil
    • Serene
    • Subdues
    • Not busy
    • Free from anger, impatience, or other extreme emotion
  • Calmness
    • A feeling of calm
    • An absence of agitation or excitement
    • Serenity
    • Tranquil
    • Peace
    • Composed
    • A peaceful state
  • Composure
    • A calm or tranquil state of mind
    • Equanimity
    • Steadiness in the mind under stress
    • Calmness of the mind or temper
    • composure
  • Ataraxia
    • Peace of mind
    • State of tranquility from anxiety & emotional disturbances
  • Peace of Mind
    • The absence of mental stress or anxiety
  • Heartsease
    • The absence of mental stress or anxiety
  • Easiness
    • Capable of being accomplished or acquired with ease
    • Posing no difficulty
    • Free from worry, anxiety, trouble or pain
  • Relaxation
    • The art of relaxing
    • The state of being relaxed
    • Refreshment of the body & mind
    • A loosening
    • Rest after work

Continuing Education

Education is very important to me. I have listed and will continue to list the courses I have taken and studied. Keeping up with the trends allows me to offer more for my clients and aids me in satisfying their needs and desires.

The Nurturing Tranquility Experience

Are you ready for a relaxing visualization of Nurturing Tranquility? Just sit back and come on a tour with me…

The experience at Nurturing Tranquility begins with the outdoor surroundings.

The warmer months are when the birds sing, frogs chirp, the ducks quack, all with sound of the flowing water of our naturalized pond in the background.

Fall brings the colors of changing leaves and the scent of wood smoke in the cool crisp air.

The winter months fill the evergreens with winter white snow and the prints of wildlife all around.

Feel free to come early to enjoy a walk around the yard, take a walk on the trails, or even bring a picnic lunch and sit at one of the four sitting areas to take in the fresh air and the sounds of nature.

There are 4 sitting areas to enjoy

  • Outside the salon & Spa
  • Side of the pond with the sound of the flowing water – in the shade or in the sun
  • In the shade still in ponds view
  • Back in the woods
  • Trails

Now that you’ve toured the outdoor surroundings, come inside Nurturing Tranquility for a glimpse of what you can expect when you make an appointment for a hair, nail, or body treatment at the salon & spa.

Slip your tired feet into a pair of comfy slippers before entering the consultation area which offers a warm, relaxing or a cool, refreshing beverage.

If there is a short wait while someone else is finishing their spa experience, feel free to read a magazine, look through the makeovers that have been created at Nurturing Tranquility, or maybe even pick out some relaxing music or a meditation that sounds soothing to your soul.

As you head up the stairs to the salon/spa rooms, you notice the air is filled with the aroma of essential oils and the sound of flowing water.

After entering the French door at the top of the stairs, step to the right and enter the salon area filled with bright sunshine and greenery growing around the room.

To the left is the shampoo area where the scalp massage happens. Ahhhh . . . nothing like a relaxing scalp massage to relax and rejuvenate.

As we go around the room, you will see the race car chair where the little ones have fun while getting their hair done.

You may notice there are two salon chairs—one for you and one for when a friend comes and hang out with you.

Under the salon station you will notice an electronic picture frame of clients, makeovers, and fun gatherings from Nurturing Tranquility.

Then over from that is the area that all of us women like – the shopping are with lots of goodies like spa and hair products.

Still turning you will see the manicure area with all those professional, durable, stylish polishes to choose from.

Wow, are you dizzy after that tour? Why don't you take a break and check out the pictures before we proceed to the spa area.

Notice the mannequins that are hanging out above the station? These are “the girls”, and as you visit the salon and/or the website in the months ahead, you will learn their individual names and life stories. They are quite a cast of characters! They were feeling rather frazzled and frumpy when they came out of their boxes, but now they are pleased to show off their exciting new cuts and colors, hoping to inspire you to try something exciting with your own hair-style or shade.

Are you ready for the spa room now?

Turn and head down the short hallway. After passing the waterfall, we will walk in behind the beautiful, satin curtain to the spa room. Ahhh, pure bliss!

The low lightening of the candlelight is calming, and the air is filled with the aroma of essential oils. The sound of the waterfall mingling with the relaxing tranquil music is sooo soothing to the soul.

To your right will be the steam therapy table. Next you see firelight from the pretty, electric fireplace where candles flicker above and another water fountain bubbles and gurgles peacefully.

To your left, you'll see a second spa table where facials and other spa services are experienced. Keep turning a little, and you will see where another steamy, spa treatment experience takes place.

Finally, turning full circle, another flickering fireplace catches your eye, and you begin to plan just how soon you can book your first spa treatment at Nurturing Tranquility.

Before leaving, you may want to visit the Community area where you may find a service or upcoming event that might interest you. Community means a lot to me so I have set an area aside for the community to place their business cards or flyers for upcoming events.